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When the brothers Ernst and Mark Udink worked in building construction years ago they became aware of the possibilities of concrete for less conventional applications. They soon designed and developed their own product-line of high grade concrete sanitary products like basins and tables but also custom made products are part of their offering.

Ernst Udink explains: "it took many years to develop the right mixtures and to fine tune our production process that enables us to achieve the quality that we wanted"

Concr3te uses our liquid VytaFlex polyurethane elastomers for their molds. These molds combine the right balance of flexibility and durability to stand up against the abrasive action of our casting grouts. These Urethane Rubbers show the longivity and dimensional stability that is required for the production of building appliances.

"We supply both the end user as well as the building industry" says Ernst Udink, "but we produce more and more customized products for designers and architects". The extensive product-line of Concr3te can be viewed and ordered through their website

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