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Twee componenten druipvrije epoxylijm. Deze epoxylijm is te gebruiken voor het verlijmen van diverse materialen, zoals hout, steen, aluminium, polyester en epoxy laminaat, diverse kunststoffen, etc. Ook zeer geschikt voor het maken van fillets (hollijstverbindingen) en om gaten te vullen, houtrot te repareren, etc. Wordt vaak ook gebruikt als epoxy vuller voor hotrot.

Deze lijm is verkrijgbaar in blikken maar ook in handig te gebruiken kokers welke met een standaard kitspuit kan worden gebruikt.

Bevat geen oplosmiddelen.
Uitstekende hechting.
Eenvoudig te verwerken.
Hoge watervastheid.
Houdbaarheid: In gesloten verpakking minimaal 1 jaar
Mengverhouding: 2 delen basis, 1 deel verharder (gewichtsdelen)

Variobond Epoxy Adhesives

  • Variobond cartouche 280 ml

    Variobond est une résine époxy anti-goutte sans solvant de couleur acajou et applique une colle époxy universelle pour l'assemblage de bois, acier, aluminium et beaucoup d'autres plastiques. Emballage: cartouche 280 ml.

    25,10 EUR (Prix exclusif 21% TVA)

  • Variobond 1000gr

    Colle époxy anti-goutte sans solvant. Pour assembler de façon permanente des matériaux différents. Convient pour la fabrication des joints d'angle, etc..., couleur: opale. 1 kg.

    30,95 EUR (Prix exclusif 21% TVA)

Variobond is a drip-free epoxy paste, free of solvents with a polyamine adduct like hardener.

• Can be used for the sustainable bonding of various materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, plastics and various types of natural stone or combinations thereof;
• Also to be used as a universal filler for steel, wood, polyester, etc .;
• Great adhesive power, filling;
• Very suitable for making fillet wood joints;
• Excellent water resistance;
• Very easy to mix, base and hardener are pasty;
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications;
• Suitable for woodcore epoxy construction;
• Suitable as repair means of rotten wood parts;
• Also available in mahogany, ve picks up in handy case for a standard caulking gun;
• Also available in bulk packagin for machine dosing.

Opal or Mahogany - High gloss

about 1.4 g / cm3, (mixed product)
Solid content: approximately 100% (volume)
Recommended layer thickness: depending on application
Dust dry: about 24 hours
Fully hardened after: about 2 days, see additional information
About to paint after: at least 24 hours, see additional information.
max. unlimited, provided clean, grease-free and sanded
Shelf life: not mixed, in original ve packing in a cool and frost-free place at least 12 months
Flash point (DIN53213): basic component 150 ̊C
hardener component 112 ̊C

Depending on application:
about 1.0 - 3.0 m2 / kg
The practical return depends on an on many factors, such as the shape of the object, the condition and profile of the surface, the method of application, the weather conditions and the craftsmanship of the applicator.

dry and free of grease, contaminants, loose parts and others impurities, moisture content maximum 12%, pre-treated with Variopox Injection resin and sanded with grit P120.
Metal: dry and free of grease, contaminants, loose parts and others iniquities, pretreated with a suitable primer such as for example IJmopox ZF primer and sanded with grit P120.
Stony: dry and free of grease, contaminants, loose parts and others surfaces iniquities, sucking or absorbent surfaces pretreated with Variopox Injection resin and sanded with grit P120.
Polyester: dry and free of grease, contaminants, loose parts and others uniquities, exposed glass fibers pre-treated with Variopox Injection resin and sanded with grit P120.

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Ces produits sont classés par application telles que, le moulage du corps humain, le moulage, les tirages, les produits transparents, la restoration, le prototypage, etc...

  • Moulage

    Une gamme de matériaux de moulage souples et rigides.

  • Tirage

    Une large gamme de matériaux de tirage souples et rigides

  • special properties

  • Matériaux composites

    Résines et fibres pour la construction en matériaux composites.

  • Mousses

    Mousse PU flexible liquide, mousse PU rigide liquide, blocs de mousse PU rigide et mousse de latex.

  • Restauration

    Matériaux pour la restauration des ornements et des bâtiments, à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur.

  • Prototypage

    Matériaux utilisés pour le prototypage rapide.

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  • Cosplay

    Products to make your own Cosplay Costumes and Props!

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