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Alginate is used to make a negative of the face. Alginate on itself is not strong enough and too flexible to hold it's own form so it should be backed up with a a couple of layers of plaster bandage. If you want to make multiple casting you should consider Skin-Safe Silicones for the negative of the face.

After the alginate powder is tho uroughly mixed with water you have a few minutes working time before it sets. The working time is influenced by the (water) temperature and the mixing ratio. Our FormFX lifecasting alginate is, contrary to dental alginates, specially formulated for making body casts and gives you a longer working time. Mix small batches at a time. Take care to put the model at ease and DO NOT BLOCK THE NOSTRILS !!!

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accessoires pour l'alginate

  • Cellona bandes plâtrées 15cmx4m /paquet 5 unités

    temps de travail: 3,5 min.

    18,35 EUR (Prix exclusif 21% TVA)

  • Bol flexible 500 ml

    Bol flexible 500 ml

    12,48 EUR (Prix exclusif 21% TVA)

  • Bol flexible 1750 ml

    Bol flexible 1750 ml

    16,19 EUR (Prix exclusif 21% TVA)

Alginate is used to create inexpensive disposable forms of bodzparts such as> hands, arms or feet. Mixed with warm water

FX Allginate is commonly used in the special effects industry

CA37 is a dental alginate

Alja-Safe ™ is a crystalline alginate.

Alja-Safe ™ Breeze is a crystalline liquid alginate

Alja-Safe ™ Acrobat is a fiber-reinforced non-sag life casting alginate

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    Une gamme de matériaux de moulage souples et rigides.

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    Une large gamme de matériaux de tirage souples et rigides

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    Résines et fibres pour la construction en matériaux composites.

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    Mousse PU flexible liquide, mousse PU rigide liquide, blocs de mousse PU rigide et mousse de latex.

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    Matériaux pour la restauration des ornements et des bâtiments, à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur.

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    Matériaux utilisés pour le prototypage rapide.

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